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5 Best Computer Apps

The top 5 computer apps really make a difference when you use them on your personal computer. Below is how the apps make your life easier while you are on your PC: 1. Wunderlist Wunderlist is a computer app that assists you to get all your dos out of the to-do list. It will assist you to shop, plan your vacation, manage all your projects, plan for a movie premier and many more things. It will assist you to plan for everything, no matter how small or big. It makes it easy and seamless to get things done. With Wunderlist you can set reminders and due dates for your to-dos. Therefore, you will never miss a deadline for anything, work related or not. The Wunderlist Pro teamwork feature allows you to share work and lists related to projects with friends, family, and colleagues. The app can be accessed from Windows, Mac, Kindle Fire, Android, iPad, iPhone, and Web. 2. OneNote OneNote helps you to scribble amazing ideas and thoughts. You can search and clip from the internet to picture ideas and thoughts. It also allows you to sync your ideas on the internet so that you can collaborate with family, friends, and colleagues. You can convert handwritten notes into text on the OneNote. You can maintain the same feel with colors and shapes to show important text and thoughts. Online or offline, it is possible to get your content from your PC. In the case you are offline, you can update the notes on your phone from the PC. The app works on any device. 3. Chrome With Chrome, you can search for what you desire in a snap. You can search and navigate within the same box. Your recent visited sites and searches allow you to pick from suggestions and results that pop up as you type. Its Autofill function lets you avoid typing where you have already searched for the same information previously. You are able to sync all your devices such that you can pick up your PC searches on your mobile phones as your tabs, bookmarks, and searches will appear on the synced devices. 4. Pidgin This chat program allows you to log into various social media accounts at the same time. The app supports features like away messages, custom similes, file transfers, buddy icons, and typing notifications. Therefore, with Pidgin you do not need to open each social media account on its own tab. You need only the app. 5. WinDirStat This app is a viewer for statistics of disk usage and also a tool for cleaning Windows. When starting up the app presents the directory tree in three meaningful views after reading it. These three useful views are: - The list of directory that looks like Window Explorer’s tree view but is sorted by sub-tree or file size. - The tree map that allows you to see all content of the directory tree right away. - The extension list that acts as a legend and reveals statistics about the type of file. WinDirStat is a solution for your PC memory problems. The above five apps make it easier and seamless to use your computer, manage your activities, navigate your social media life, search for information over the internet and put down and share your ideas using your PC. Top Western Computer Shops For Computers And Smartphones


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