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5 Best Android Applications

The best applications for your Android phone may vary from one person to another depending on the different needs of each individual. However, there are some applications that are essential to almost all phone users. The following is an up to date and comprehensive list of the 5 best Android apps. Nova Launcher We all love Android for the freedom it provides us when it comes to customization. A launcher is a prerequisite requirement in the personalizing your Android device. The Nova Launcher provides users with a lot of great features and numerous of customization options. Some of these features include; tons of icon packs and themes, the ability to launch multi-screen, infinite scrolling and is free of bloatware. The Nova Launcher is also faster and better regarding performance. Its intuitive design makes it easier for users to operate and change settings. The Nova Launcher is available in free or prime version. SwiftKey Keyboard More people are now using their devices in writing texts messages or replying to emails; it's, therefore, important to have a solid keyboard application. SwiftKey Keyboard has been around for a while now but continues to be one of the best keyboard application due to the new and brilliant features it offers to users through multiple updates. SwiftKey Keyboard is free on Google Playstore but some premium features on the app have to be bought. The keyboard also supports many languages and its predicting AI comes in handy to predict your text when typing. Pixoff Pixoff is a free and new application and for that reason, its popularity is still low. However, it's an amazing app especially for people whom their battery's life is not impressive. As its name suggests, Pixoff works by turning the phone screen pixels on or off. The user can turn off some pixels to his liking to improve on battery life. Pixoff can also be set automatically launch when the battery reaches a certain point. It is important to note that Pixoff only works with AMOLED screens, therefore, the user should be aware of the type of screen his phone uses before downloading the application. Duolingo Duolingo is more of an educational application for people interested in self-improvement. Duolingo is a free application which provides users with an opportunity to learn a second language. Some of the languages include; French, Spanish, German and Italian among others. Duolingo is different in that the learning methods are fun and simple tasks. Users have to play language games to reach the next level and can track their achievements through the rewards they get. Duolingo is a good option for people interested in other languages. Kodi Kodi is an open source media player and entertainment hub full of digital media. Kodi is a brilliant alternative to entertainment applications such as Netflix and Cinema Box. In addition to the standard digital media that is also found on other applications, Kodi also has some programs which can be considered 'pirated' such as live sporting events. Kodi is user supported therefore the content is unique and diverse. Users add their content through 'add-ons' provided by Kodi. Setting up Kodi can be a bit tricky for a novice but it becomes a revelation when used to its full capacity.
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