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How To Fix A Slow Computer

A lot of people need to know how to fix a slow computer. They have been having a hard time dealing with a slow computer, and they want to correct this problem as soon as possible. We will show you what you can do to make your PC run faster over time. So read on. Disable Startup Programs You have to use the machine`s task menu so you can disable startup programs in no time. Click the Task Manager option, as this will open up the Task Manager on your PC. This is the place where you can either end or alter any process in the machine too. Click the Startup tab. Click on any process that you need to disable. Click the Disable buttons and repeat the process with other programs. Open the Hidden Icons menu after closing the Task Manager. Use this menu to delete any process you want to end. Turn off Any Visual Effect To turn off any visual effect, you have to open the Start menu. You will find this button right on the left corner of the PC`s screen. Next, open up the Control Panel app. Use the Start`s search bar to achieve this goal in no time. Type in “adjust the appearance” right into the search bar of the Control Panel. Click on Adjust the Appearance of Windows. Now, you just have to take close look at the visual effects of your machine. You have to adjust these settings for best appearance. Clean Up the Hard Drive Open up the Start menu on your PC. Type in “disk cleanup” right into your search menu. Click on the important Disk Cleanup app. Take a look at the Files to Delete heading and check all the boxes here. Confirm the Delete files after clicking OK. Type in “defrag” into your search bar. Click on the useful Optimize and Defragment Drives option. Use the Defrag window so you can select the main drive right away. To start the defragmenting of the drive, you just have to click on Optimize. You can even move files to your external storage. Uninstall Programs You Don’t Need Open up the machine`s Start menu, as this will allow you to see all the programs. Find out which programs you need to uninstall. To prompt a context menu, just right click any app. Confirm your choice after clicking on uninstall. If you don’t use a particular app, you are better off uninstalling the app. You can also uninstall any replacement program if you want to. For instance, you can use Chrome instead of Microsoft Edge. Now, you just have to restart the PC after you have implemented each one of the changes. Now that you know more about how to fix a slow computer, you just need to take action. This will just allow you to make things happen. Remember that you should uninstall any program that you are no longer using. This is very important, and you should do it as soon as possible. Turning off any kind of visual effect will be useful if you want to take your PC to a whole new level of performance.
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