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Smartphone Security Tips

A smartphone is already essential for some people as it does all the things that a computer can do. It is one of the best gadgets that anyone can have but sometimes, even the best phones are at risk. If you have a smartphone, PDA or Andriod then you better make sure that your phone is secured and safe from all those viruses, hackers and scams. 1. Change the default PIN and passwords to a PIN or password that only you know. Since most PINS and passwords are only common four numbers, it is very easy for someone to access your phone. So if you want to add more security on your phone lock, your first line of security is to change your PINS and passwords for your keypad lock, web based applications and voicemail as soon as possible. When you change your PIN, don't do the usual 0000 or 1234, your birthdate or something obvious but choose one that is random and make sure that you can remember it. Also, never store essential information such as passwords, credit card numbers and other important personal details on your phone. No matter how safe you think they can be, you can never know what would happen. What if your phone gets stolen? Then someone will surely find out about your codes. Think of a good strong password and PIN that you can set on it. 2. Download security applications from trusted websites and vendors. There are tons of security applications that you can download, others are free while some are for a price. Whenever you download applications, make sure that the application is compatible with your smart phone. Some of these applications can protect your phone from viruses, malware, security texts and even spam texts or add another line of defense for your phone. Always make sure that you download from a trusted and credible website that can support your phone. Before you download, make sure that you read the descriptions and details about the application. Look at the reviews if there are more pros than cons or if the application is reported as a virus or malware. Always do this before you hit the download button. 3. Lock and wipe if ever your phone gets stolen. There's a really slim chance that you'll get your phone back once it is stolen. So when and if ever that happens, be sure that you can access your phone's nearest service center so you can have it locked and wiped out so that any vital information will be erased and the thief won't be able to use your phone. Also, you can download lock and wipe applications from the web in which you can recover or withdraw your data and stop it from getting into the wrong hands. Always make sure that you have back-up on all the data that you store in your phone, this includes your photos, music and contacts as you would on your computer. There are many other ways that you can do to enhance the security of your phone. These tips are just the first things that you should do whenever you purchase or have a smart phone. Never trust websites or applications completely when it comes to your security. Do your research before you download. Don't just leave your phone anywhere or with anyone. Your phone is a personal belonging, you should be responsible for it.
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